Woman in Broadcast Journalism

Most professions it is harder for women to make it to the top then it is for men to do so. They have to work twice as hard and prove that they deserve to be there. Many people look down on women in the work force because they think that they are not “strong” enough to handle all of the pressure that comes along with a high responsibility job. In the early times they used to have women report about the “girly” things such as fashion, cooking, children, etc. Now it is a little different. The first woman anchor on television was Barbra Walters. She has given women anchors a good name. After they realized how well she did we started to see more and more news reporters that were women. Even though women are still disintegrated against everyday in the work force it is getting better. I hope that when I become a reporter I will be taken seriously and become just as great as Barbra Walters is still today.


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