Kassidy Boepple

3706 W 107TH CT S Jenks Ok, 74037



I worked at the daycare for a year. I was an assistant teacher during the weekdays and a head teacher on Fridays. I was depended on to teach the children letters, numbers, and fun art projects from day to day. The children respected me and my authority and I also had a great relationship with every parent.

I worked at the café in high school for almost a year. I was the shift leader when I worked and had to make sure that everyone did their job correctly and the café ran smoothly while my bosses were away. My bosses trusted me with the money and closing the register at night.


High school Activities:

  • I was part of the varsity cheer team for two years (junior and senior year). My senior year I was the captain of the varsity cheer team.

Hobbies and other interest:

  • Snowboarding
  • Traveling

Personal Information:

  • Parents- Gregg and Kim Boepple. My dad is the director of sales for US labs and my mother is a stay at home mom.
  • I am a member of Alpha Delta Phi sorority at Oklahoma State University.


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