Producers: The Backbone of Television

Television broadcast producers plan different aspects of live television, write scripts for the anchors, direct the crew(whether thats on camera directing or behind the scene directing), they edit the final product, and are in charge of financing. Their jobs are very important to how things run on and off air. Producing is a very stressful job yet someone has to do it. Because the role of a producer is so important it is easy to move your way up to bigger stations or more titles and job roles. When watching the news most people think that the anchors are what make the show but when in reality the producers are the ones who do all of the work. Television producers must arrive early in the morning and decide which story’s make it to the top, write the scripts, familiarize the anchors of the topics that they go over in the show. Wanting to be a television anchor myself I know that I will be VERY thankful for my producer and all of the work that they do. Producers often get looked over and forgotten about however, producers are the key to good television broadcasting and what the public get to see everyday.


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