Most people do not think about the websites that they visit are actually making them money. Every click that we use makes that company money. The reason I think that Buzzfeed is so successful is because of the variety that they offer. They have news, entertainment, games, quizzes, etc. They can cater to most everyone’s needs. They also make money by people posting their articles to social media sites. When those people’s followers and friends click on that article that they posted then they make even more money. I think that companies are very smart for charging what they do for each click even though it is only a few cents, they end up making millions if not billions.


At Home Work

More and more people are starting to work at home. Many company’s feel like if their employees are comfortable and get all of their work done on time than working from home is a perfect idea. I know that most people would prefer to stay in the comforts of their own home to work and if it works for the company than I think that it is a good idea. Although I think there are some down falls to working at home. I think that some people might start getting lazy and think that they can do things on their own time. Although technology is progressing and people could just skype for their meetings I feel as if they would lose some of their personal relationships that they do business with. If I owned a company of my own I would try to have some people work from home about two days a week and then in office the rest of the week. I think it is important to present yourself and go do business so people won’t get lazy one the job but I think it is also important to have the employee’s know that I trust them enough to work from home some days of the week also.


Tastemade is an online site created by Steven Kydd that focuses all on food. They have videos that are how to make a certain food to different foods around the world. I think that this is a very good idea because most people like food and trying new things. People can feel more related to “normal” people explaining how to cook certain food than a professional explaining it, it shows that everyone can be an excellent cook. I think that people will really like this website if even if they do not like cooking shows.

The Hunt

The Hunt is an app that does the shopping for you. For example, if you see a piece of clothing that you like but have no idea where to find something like that then you post that picture of the outfit on the Hunt app. In about a day you will get a result with something very similar to the picture you posted and where to find it at. This app is an excellent idea. I have seen a picture of clothes before but had no idea where to even begin looking. I think that this app will take off in the next few months. Although this app is new I think that it is already a success among many people and will only continue to grow.

Magic Bands

Disney world has come up with a way to have people feel more welcomed, has their room key, credit card, and which line is moving all in one place! MagicBand is their solution. It is a bracelet that the guest wear while they are staying with Disney and all they have to do is scan their bracelet to access all of that information. Not only does it do things for the guest but also for the Disney workers. They can tell which Disney character is a child’s favorite by their bracelet and the information that the guest fill out. I think that this is a very good idea. Although it could be very expensive to start I think that Disney will make a lot more money on MagicBand than they spend on getting it started.


In the article “Why Wearables Will Replace Smartphones” explains why they think wearables will replace smartphones sooner than we think. They talk about how technology is always changing and advancing. For instance the iPhone came out seven years ago and now over one-third of the worlds population has one. Tablets were not even invented until two years ago and now people cannot imagine life without them. Wearables are glasses that you wear and it shows you notifications and such right in front of your eyes. This is very futuristic to me although they say it could happen tomorrow. I do not think that I would like something that close to me. I like the idea of having my phone on me but if I do not want to hear it or see it then I either put it away or on silent. Although as of right now I feel like I would not like this product I think it is a very cool idea and that people would definitely buy it.