On the Scene

On the scene reporting demands a very high tolerance for time management. At a moments notice you can be called to go to the scene of a crime or a story as fast as possible to get the story first. Sometimes they have you go into dangerous areas to get the story and the anchors must remain calm the entire time. It requires patience and time because story’s usually do not happen at a convenient time for the anchor, producers, camera men, etc. and yet the anchors still need to take time and speak calmly and efficiently to get the correct story. A lot of people would find this type of reporting annoying yet I feel like this would be a very good learning experience. Many people would prefer the luxury of staying in the studio, however I feel like on the scene reporting would be exciting and interesting. Once to the location of the story one has to be fast on their feet and know how to word questions appropriately so they can get the story first. I feel like if we had more on the scene anchors and producers then people would know more about whats going on in the world.


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