Media Diet

Twitter is the most common site that I use on the website. I look at what my followers are up to and tweet occasionally.

Instagram is where I upload a lot of my photos and look at other people’s pictures.

I use Facebook mostly for contacting people that I need to get ahold of but do not have their number I just sent them a quick message. I also am part of a few groups that allow multipule people to post on the group page and notifies me when they do.

I use Google for almost everything. If I do not know something then I simplely type it into Google and can usually find the answer I am looking for.

Pinterest is what I use when I am looking for ideas, whether thats about fashion, decorating, crafts, or party planning. It is a very useful website.

I use Pandora a lot for listening to music. I have many different playlist and can pick an appropriate type of music for my mood.


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