Kill Local News

Jeff Jarvis feels very strongly about all the stand up comedy that is done on local news. He feels like it is a waste of time for everyone and I couldn’t agree more! Jarvis’s article “Rethinking TV News, Part III:First Kill the Standup” is all about how almost everyone seems to hate local news, even local news anchors and producers. It amazes me how even the people working for the TV news stations are not liking the work that they are doing. Local news is losing it’s viewers especially among younger generations because it is not “real news”. For the most part they finish the most important story’s in the first five minutes of the news segment and then use buffer story’s that no one cares about until their time slot is up. To fix this problem I feel as if they need to go out of their comfort zone to get story’s that people actually care about. If they continue to do pointless stand up then local news will continue to get smaller and lose more and more viewers.


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