In News Room

Being a news anchor demands many skills. Whether a person is on the scene or behind the news desk back at the studio it is up to them to deliver the news that the producers have written up for them. Being behind the desk is a very important part of the news and is a “home base” of the news segment. Those anchors are the first and last thing that people see when watching the news. Anchors must be very comfortable in front of the camera and present the news in a way that makes people want to watch them. Although producers often write things for the anchors to say and read off of a screen, anchors must be able to think on their feet since breaking news can happen in an instant without having a written script to go off of. The anchors that report behind the desk usually do less reporting and more reading from scripts. Personally I do not know which kind of reporting that I would like to do yet. I think eventually I would love to be a “behind the desk” news anchor.


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