The “American Dream” is the thought that anyone can make their life how they want it to be as long as they work hard enough for it. If this is true then why do so many people follow statistics? As I was sitting in class my friend and I started to talk about relationships and how high the divorce rate is in the United States. He thinks there is no point in getting married because he comes from a divorced family therefore he will end up getting a divorce in his own life. I was shocked that he actually believed that! I come from a family that my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are all in happy, healthy marriages. He also proceeded to say that by the time our generations kids are old enough to marry that divorce will be so common that people will go into marriage expecting it. Statistically this may be true but should we really just give up on the idea of ‘death do us part’? I still believe that love should be forever and a couple should try everything in their power to stay married. Another example is the class systems in America. Is it possible that lower class people can make their way to the upper class and have all the money they need and more? Many people would say no. They believe that if you are born into a certain class then that is what you will be used to and one will live like their parents did. I do not believe this at all. Although people with less money will have more of a struggle financially I think that if they work hard enough and make the right connections and relationships then they could be the next billionaire of the world. It is sad to me how so many people read statistics and get discouraged about their lives and how they are living. People think that its normal to live that way sense so many other people stay “stuck” within their own statistic categories. When I personally read statistics and I do not like what they have to say it motivates me to work harder towards my goals and dreams. It reminds me not to give up on my own “American Dream”.


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