Restorative Narratives

The Poynter Institute is a non profit organization that tells events that happen in a different way than normal news does. When something bad happens the media coverage is crazy. Many people get the story and what happens and then moves on to the next story, often forgetting that people actually have to live with what happened to them. The Poynter Institute focuses on the “what comes next” after the story’s break. They stay in contact with the people that are going through something and see them overcome their obstacles. I think this is a good idea that more people need to do. Although we need to know what bad is going on in the world we also need to see the good that goes on too. They also seem very passionate about their work which makes it even more great to see.


“It Will All Workout Somehow”

The Newspaper business is nothing like it used to be. Now that technology has taken over most Americans lives they have tried to stay away from print as much as possible. A lot of people read the newspaper online now instead of having it delivered or going out to buy a copy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, newspaper companies just need to think of a way to get people to subscribe online. The good news is that news will never go away. Things happen constantly and the newspaper goes into the most depth about the stories that they write about. Now that apps are becoming more and more popular people can now get a certain newspaper app they like and read the news off of their smartphone. The newspaper is going down in print sales but not their online sales. “It will all workout somehow” Nicholas Lemann. 

Kill the Password

Passwords are something used to protect the content that we want protected. Most people have a handful of passwords that they have to remember and for which site, it can get tricky. The iPhone 5S and now the new Galaxy S5 both have finger print passwords to unlock the phone. No one else can get into the phone without the owner unlocking it. I think this is a very smart idea! Now it is time for people to start thinking of a way for computers to have the same security system. Stealing ones identity happens way to often now days and it easy to do, often even untraceable. If they can think of a way to have a finger print password for computers then things would be protected a lot easier than they are today.

Celebrities and Social Media

Social media has taken off in the past few years, first with Facebook, then Twitter, and now Instagram. There are millions of people that have at least one, if not all, of these social media sites. It is no surprise that celebrities are no different. Many celebrities use their media sites to promote their work that they are in or post things just for their fans. I know that I personally follow many celebrities on social media just to keep up with them. It makes ordinary people feel like they actually care about their fans. Many famous people hire other people to post things on their social media sites for them. I know that it could be hard to keep up with millions of followers so I see why people would want other people to handle that part for them but I think it is better when the celebrities handle their sites themselves.

Voice Control

In the article “Are We Headed For A Talkpocalypse” talks about how all of our electronics have built in microphones in them. Many company’s already have voice command on their item. The article talked about how if all of the company’s got together and competed. For example, if we ran out of coffee and said order more coffee which company would get that first? I think voice control is a good thing sometimes. For instance, when people are driving and need to respond to someones text, instead of texting they can use voice control and send a text that way. I think that in the near future company’s will figure out a way to compete to get products to us by voice control like the article talks about.


Most people do not think about the websites that they visit are actually making them money. Every click that we use makes that company money. The reason I think that Buzzfeed is so successful is because of the variety that they offer. They have news, entertainment, games, quizzes, etc. They can cater to most everyone’s needs. They also make money by people posting their articles to social media sites. When those people’s followers and friends click on that article that they posted then they make even more money. I think that companies are very smart for charging what they do for each click even though it is only a few cents, they end up making millions if not billions.

At Home Work

More and more people are starting to work at home. Many company’s feel like if their employees are comfortable and get all of their work done on time than working from home is a perfect idea. I know that most people would prefer to stay in the comforts of their own home to work and if it works for the company than I think that it is a good idea. Although I think there are some down falls to working at home. I think that some people might start getting lazy and think that they can do things on their own time. Although technology is progressing and people could just skype for their meetings I feel as if they would lose some of their personal relationships that they do business with. If I owned a company of my own I would try to have some people work from home about two days a week and then in office the rest of the week. I think it is important to present yourself and go do business so people won’t get lazy one the job but I think it is also important to have the employee’s know that I trust them enough to work from home some days of the week also.