Power To The People

When NewsWhip got the idea to see what people would put on the front page of top news stories they were surprised at what people would pick. They gathered top stories that made it to the front page of newspapers from various different newspapers and countries. Then they found what social media stories have been making it to the popular page and what was most shared. When asked between the two and which story the people would put as first priority the answers surprised them. Sometimes they would pick the same story for the front page and other times they would choose something completely different. Many people like to hear good news and not always the negative things that go on in the world. They like to wake up to happy things instead of devastating news that often make it to the front page of newspapers.


Millennials and Their Media

In the article “Millennials Consume Content Every Waking Hour (And Then Some)” talks about how media is around us 24/7. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night most people are exposed to media in a majority of their day. It is common for people to be talking to another person in a conversation yet be on their phones at the same time. I know many people that do this, including myself. Being exposed to media all the time can impact people and their habits. Some people that I know are so obsessed with twitter that they won’t be able to get to sleep at night because they are afraid they will miss something that someone posts. I am not that obsessed with social media sites and the internet but I know that many people are. This article was very eye opening to just how much time people actually do spend on internet and social media sites.

From Facebook to Instagram

Facebook has recently bought the social media site Instagram and has been making changes to the website. Now that they have added direct messaging and a 15 second video people can upload, the site is gaining more and more followers by the day. Facebook has not said exactly how they plan to make money from Instagram yet they do have a few ideas up their sleeve. I think that Facebook was very smart for buying Instagram when they did. Everyone that I know uses Instagram and loves it more than almost every other popular social media site.

Twitter Facts

The article “10 Surprising New Twitter Stats to Help You Reach More Followers” helps people who are looking for more followers. It talks about how brands tweet more on the weekends than during the week days, use images to grab people’s attention, time of day most people will see your tweet, etc. Many of the points I thought were common sense but then there were some that I found interesting. It said that using one or two hashtags will get many more responses then if you use three or more hashtags. Another thing that I found interesting was that a tweet is more likely to get retweeted if you actually spell out the word ‘retweet’ rather than just using the abbreviation ‘RT’. I think that this is a helpful article for people looking for gaining more followers.

Staying Home Forever

Technology is forever advancing in the way people do things. In the article “Staying Home, Connected to the World” talks about how people can do almost everything they need to do just by simply having internet access. There are apps that have people do your grocery shopping for you and then drops it off at your house. People can now watch church online instead of getting up early and dressing up to go. Almost everything can be done from the comforts of home. I personally think that as technology progresses that people are getting more lazy. As the article says people are depending more on the apps to do things for them they are losing their abilities on how to act with people. Yes, it is easier to sit at home and do things over the internet but it is making it harder for one on one conversations with people. I know that my generation depends heavily on texting and the internet for things and I have seen people misspell because they are so used to abbreviating and such in their conversations.

True Fans

In the article “The Technium: 1,000 True Fans” talks about how artist need at least 1,000 true fans to make a good profit. A true fan is someone who buys every single product that the artist, painter, author etc sells and puts out, they follow them on everything. A true fan is basically someone who is obsessed with someone else. The article talks about if they can get true fans to give them money for things then they are good financially for a while. If someone does not have true fans then they will not make a steady income or have people come to wherever they go. Even if they personally do not want to deal with their true fans it is a smart idea to hire someone to do that for them so they still have interaction with them. I think that this is true and that every artist, musician, author etc needs at least 1,000 true fans especially when they start their career. After they reach 1,000 then they can get more and more true fans and become even more successful.


Ira Glass‘s video on storytelling was very inspiring. He talked about how no one is good when they first start out on something. To get good at something then you need to apply yourself and constantly try to make yourself better. This video was a good video to people that want to give up or are struggling with something. He reassures people that they are not alone and that it just takes time, practice, and patience to get good at a creative work.