What’s News?

“Real news” is becoming less and less relevant in today’s world. Facebook is full of cute pictures, some inspiring story’s, boring statuses, and people reposting different story’s that are going on around on the internet. Most of the story’s that are being posted are things that would never make it to the local news yet going viral on social media sites. Most people do not like to watch local or world news simply because they do not want to know what bad things are going on in the world. For the most part people want to brush things off and not confront the things that are actually going on in the world, instead they share story’s about how a dog can ride a skateboard. The article “The Facebook Effect on the News” is very accurate in my opinion. It says how people rather see news on Facebook and other social media sites than go read the news on a news website. If someone does not figure out how to make the “real news,” in other words the more important news, exciting for younger generations then no one will ever really know what is going on around the world.



Thank God for the iPod! The article “Straight Dope on the IPod’s Birth” was a very interesting article about how the iPod actually came into being. It was a long process that included many people working on Steve Job’s vision. When they started they did not know what the end product of the iPod was going to look like but in the end they were very pleased. Personally when I first saw the iPod I thought that it was one of the best looking pieces of technology that I have ever seen. It was small enough to fit in your pocket yet big enough to see the screen and it could hold a thousand songs. I am very thankful for this invention!

Robot Takeover

We live in a generation where technology is slowly taking our lives. I myself admit that I love technology and do not know what I would do without it in my daily life. Seeing all of the movies set in the future about robots being part of our lives and doing things for us is actually in our present now. The article “Rapid Advance of Artificial Intelligence” is all about how people are designing robots, or machines as some people would like to call them, to live with us. They would be doing things that we would not want to do. Cars are also becoming more advanced with their abilities to park themselves and scientist are even working on having cars be able to park themselves. This to me is both amazing and frightening at the same time. The people who invent things like this is compltly mind-blowing to me, I almost envy their intelligence. Although I think that having robots clean my room, cook for me, and even drive my car would be awesome I also feel like it could be a bad thing. America is already considered a lazy country, therefore if we get robots to do the things that we do not want to do then I think that we would get even more lazy. If we have computers building computers and they “have a mind of their own” then how can the human race advance if everything is done for us? I feel like we would lose our intelligence in a way and become “more dumb” than we all ready are. I love to see new technology but I’m not sure if having a robot takeover is the right move for the human race. 


Coin Card is a little electronic device that can hold up to ten credit cards on the magnetic strip at once. If you want to buy coffee with your Visa and gas with your Master Card then all you would have to do is change the settings on the Coin Card. I feel as if this is a very smart invention. Many people use numerous credit cards a day and have to look for them each time they open their wallet. Coin would make payments simple by putting all their cards in one place and only having to keep track of that one card. Although many people are skeptical of this idea because it is a new device that holds their money, aka their life, I think that it will be very popular once it comes out this summer. The Coin team is making sure to set appropriate security features so that people can choose how they want their card to work. I think that this is a step that technology is headed in and everyone will be using Coin or something similar to it in the next few years.

Password Bracelet

In the article “Your Heartbeat Is Your New Password” talks about new technology that can unlock your car, iPads, computers, and even work as a credit card all by wearing a bracelet. The video shows an ordinary man that uses it for almost everything. I think that this invention is very smart and will eventually take off. Since they say that the product will stay under $100 I think that people will buy into this product. The only concern I have for it is all the glitches that could occur and if it is waterproof or not. If a person depends all on the bracelet to unlock all the passwords on all of their electronics and the bracelet messes up then they will be in trouble. However overall I think that this is a good product and it will sell to consumers, especially the younger generations that are already so wrapped up in technology.

Kill Local News

Jeff Jarvis feels very strongly about all the stand up comedy that is done on local news. He feels like it is a waste of time for everyone and I couldn’t agree more! Jarvis’s article “Rethinking TV News, Part III:First Kill the Standup” is all about how almost everyone seems to hate local news, even local news anchors and producers. It amazes me how even the people working for the TV news stations are not liking the work that they are doing. Local news is losing it’s viewers especially among younger generations because it is not “real news”. For the most part they finish the most important story’s in the first five minutes of the news segment and then use buffer story’s that no one cares about until their time slot is up. To fix this problem I feel as if they need to go out of their comfort zone to get story’s that people actually care about. If they continue to do pointless stand up then local news will continue to get smaller and lose more and more viewers.


HLN‘s idea on how to get younger people to watch the news is by getting them involved in the news. I feel like this is a dumb idea and that it is already being done. Their idea is to have people watch get the news through social media on the most popular video at the moment and things like that and I feel like this is just a waste of time. If they want to get people to start watching the news on TV then they should get story’s that people actually care about and not the most trending YouTube video at the time. It might be comical to some people but overall I feel as if they will not get the attention or money that they are looking for out of this. In the video where they had real viewers ask the Seattle Seahawks questions like they were the anchors just made them look idiotic. I just do not like this idea at all and if people want to look at “story’s” like this then they can go to YouTube or watch Tosh.O or Ridiculousness.