Facebook Takeover?

Although Facebook may not be the most popular social media site now they are still making tons of money off of instagram, which is the fastest growing social media site. If facebook continues to buy smaller growing companies then facebook will never go under. I feel like they are being very smart business wise however, if they continue to try and put certain facebook features on their other sites that they own people will stop being interested. Mobile usage is huge in todays social media. If people did not have smart phones then i believe that the social media would not be at the popularity that it is now.


Telephone Evolution

In 1991 Radio Shack had an ad in a news paper with all their products that were popular back in the 90’s. However today they make all those products and compact it into one phone. It may of been a lot cheaper back then but now if you were to go out and buy all of those products the total would be enormous! Although things are a lot more expensive in recent days then they were in 1991 I would much rather have them all in one product then having thirteen different technology devices to carry around.

Little Paper…A flop or success?

Little Paper is a printer that prints off news papers and such on paper thats the same size as a receipt. The inventors seem to think that this will take off in the market place and everyone will want to buy one. Personally I feel as if this would be a waste of money. Why even print off the newspaper on smaller paper if you can just go online to read what you want? My generation is very tech savvy  and I feel like this will not go over too well with the younger generations. Most people would rather go online whether they use their phone, tablet, or computer then actually read something on paper. The inventors may argue that paper last longer and someone can give the message they want to others easier then if they read it online or the regular size newspaper. Although this is true, it would still be easier to just print off what they want on a regular size paper or send someone a text or link of something that they want them to read then a little 10inch piece of paper. I feel as if this invention is pointless and will not get very far in the younger generations.

Why Stories Go Viral

In the article “The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, you: The New Yorker”, written by Adrian Tomine¬†talks about how many stories go viral just because of the title given to the story. For instance if a story has an uplifting title about a little boy who is sick but doing everything he can to get better instead of just a little who is sick people would rather read about him trying to get better. I believe that this article is true in what it says about people only wanting to read what looks interesting in the title. I know that personally whenever I read a title of something and it doesn’t look appealing then I move on to the next story. The world is at such a fast pace and people do not want to waste their time reading an article if they feel as if the content will be no good. The title is the very first thing that people see, therefore it should catch the eye of readers so they will be interested and want to read the story.

Technology is Knowledge

“The Next Billion Lives Technology will change” by USA Today is about how technology is even reaching the more poor countries of the world. Most people in the US are concerned with having the next best thing there is to offer in the market no matter what the price. So many Americans take advantage of the smart phones we have and the easy access we have to the internet and all the knowledge that comes along with that. I think it is a good idea for investors to help the people that are making smartphones and tablets so cheap in poverty stricken countries so that those people can afford those types of things. Without the internet and resources it is hard to teach children everything there is to know about a certain subject, however with the power of the internet it is easy for people to find out whatever and however much they want to learn on a subject simply by just typing into google. Technology is only getting better therefore we should try our hardest give the same learning abilities to everyone across the globe instead of the wealthy Americans.